Delta Two

Something to BlowCurb mark at Commerce and Keiser Δ2 and a two-toned blue peel off strip: resealable zipper/$ tax fresh. Yesterday made art cards, painted and moved furniture and made book Things to Blow. Cats keeping cool despite temperatures in nineties.


3 thoughts on “Delta Two

  1. Is that one of the art cards you made? It’s beautiful – so delicate and lovely.

    I had a heron sighting this week. I watched it fly overhead, twice: to and from the river. Elegance in motion.

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment: the watercolor and ink is on bristol board and the size of a paper currency bill, many of the art cards I make are ACEO size, about like a playing card. I appreciate your relating you experience! Is it summer or simmer, in Maine?

  2. Such a way with words! It simmered, uncharacteristically at 102F, last Friday, but it’s back to the beautiful 70’s now. My first summer here and I’m delighted by it. The nature is so inspiring for my writing…

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