Feeling like a corporate walk. In the west pond white swans and mallards paddle in water under watchful eye of land-based heron decoy. Pond to east, white swans swim and feed, small orange koi punctuate the surface and a real, slender heron positions itself on the smooth round stones at lip of body of water. That the ponds are constructed on either side of the entrance to the corporate park is excellent and balanced feng shui. The real heron strutted off, walking with confidence on the grass slope along the fenced-in edge. It is 5:39 a.m. daybreak and the suburban territory contains a variety of litter including but not limited to a sun-bleached coffee cup from McDonalds and a can of Ace Wasp and Hornet spray.

When at apogee, turned for home and cut across the sere and seared lawn. In the grass lay a torn tag with the cursive script: Urban, in black and white. Today is earth day, number five and earth elements. “There are many dragons in the Chinese village,” she used to say. A large Arby’s fries container shouts GOOD MOOD FOOD from the median strip. The other side boasts heaped  with happiness, one of the new economic slogans that replaces, and feels lighter than, heaped with grease.

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