Dixie Rich

Dixie Rich 8.22.11 by Allison Huyett

Three light green pattern paper compostable drinking cups, crimped and thrown onto the ground, remind me an organized running event took place at the park yesterday. One blue and white paper cup is found along the trail, which has been washed almost completely clean from Sunday rain.

I find a few locust fronds – my favorite to-do list prompt – and an abundance of sycamore bark on the gravel screenings. Other people on the path wear citrus colors – lime and orange laces and clothing. These are to ward off Lyme disease and scurvy.

A heron perches about two heron heights above the creek, on a broken bare branch, overlooking the water. The bird performs preening and cleaning tasks and therefore is not a combustion engine in repose. The low humidity helps make today pleasant; a high degree of atmospheric clarity, wealth of warm sunshine and bonus breeze add interest. This is divine.


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