Why has this UPC code turned up on the path? Is it a bride’s bouquet? Clear blue sky and a sunny morning reign after Irene’s stormy appearance over the weekend: today is a jewel set in platinum and gold. The trail is strewn with ash paddle bundles, oak, sycamore and locust leaves, to name a few, and several photographers.

The author of this post sees or hears four heron. One, a few yards upstream of red bridge. Two, across from the nine marker, standing and sleeping on a fallen tree trunk , looking soft in the partial shade and partial sun that accompanies early morning, as if several colors of pastel were smudged with gentle attention and deliberate intention. Three, near the pipeline crossing, a heron with its wings spread in flight above the creek, at treetop level. The fourth heron is vocal, hidden behind a blind of forest between the path and the water flowing as the Tulpehocken creek.

The creek looks normal, as if undisturbed by the tropical storm and hurricane which reduced portions of electric power, created flooding and restricted commerce Sunday. Here it is – a UPC code in the middle of the path, past a freshly uprooted ash tethered with an unraveled vine that looks like a downed power line across the way – and this is it.


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