Gotta Love This Crazy Market and CCTV 115(degrees)

Fila delphia today and snapping Sleepymobile pictures along the  way, beginning at Chick-fil-a in Exeter/Mount Penn area proceeding along 422 east toward Pottstown to the GAS FOOD LODGING signs. Today is a four day and the end of the summer vacation month of August. There was a Thomas school bus 31 on Green Tree. Before my very driving eyes goes a brief flash of vanity in the form of auto tag GETSBRG, why not? I saw men in green painting the bike lanes along the parkway in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. GOTTA LOVE THIS CRAZY MARKET! was the clear lettering on a freestanding sign near a Douglassville agency. I saw a blue heron sketch on the white Hay Creek Watershed sign in Birdsboro on the way back. I saw a hard-hatted man digging a ditch near city hall; his hard hat was dotted with stickers and so was a nearby lamp or sign post. After presenting a coupon and tapping into a free coffee at ING Cafe on Walnut – where the Free Library Banner is purple and reads Prosperity (good Feng shui!), I tried some things on for size, as if Superwomanmodel, in dressing room 11 at Lucky Brand jeans, where Taina works. Short time and distance up block in the hereafter find a heads up penny on the sidewalk: glee ♣! I see a sign outdoors near city hall that has been slapped with a fine heart sticker with the word Lucky printed in cursive inside. I picked up trash with some urgency, including an evanescent fluorescent orange poster that has the permament writing: Can you please make a donation toward our football teamSaints family football THANK YOU #1 QB. Bought blue anchor notecards at Paper Source to send to Massachusetts. Paper Source is positively intoxicating. Alyson rings up my sale, giving the purchase a nice striped bag in which to ride home.  A Triune Color (paper * mailhouse * bindery) panel truck was parked out front. Carr & Duff Going Green employees worked along the Schuylkill expressway beneath the solar panels. The writing was on the cement walk near the PMA. One of the bronzes out front of the PMA seems to be missing its left arm and the whites of its eyes are pronounced beneath a streaky patina on its tresses. On Elm, a man exited an apartment building called the Nightmare. A hawk cried out from the peak of the garage roof between 519 and 520 this morning – that is not a time, that is a partial address – and one of the big tits of litter I scarfed up is a Hawk box. After the hawk and before Exeter, trainspotting in Wyomissing led to JBHunt Intermodal, Clipper Worldwide and the fascinating term controlled logistics. The drive-up ATM at Wells Fargo was tight-lipped, allowing for no card insertion, keeping all accounts intact.

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