120 Pins Snip Spin

   Daddy long legs, the grass outside the kitchen is long and tall! Consciousness rests on green and three today.

   The Tulpehocken creek is overgrown into river dimensions. It is doubtful the towpath will be open for walking and other forms of recreation.

   Doubt becomes reality at the walk over the bridge. A chain holds the iron gates closed. A padlock holds the chain together. Yellow plastic tape draped cross the top tells a cautionary tale

   The way is barred like a mouth taped shut.

    Water covers the meadow and the mill-race.

   A heron stands at the edge of the trees that border the creek, on what is normally park grass. It wades toward the wooden pedestrian bridge. With each stride, less and less of its stilty legs are exposed to the air.

   The heron tilts its head in a sudden movement, as if it sees or senses a fish in the roiling water. How many more of the lone fishing birds are along the route?

   Maintenance van 120  of the county fleet is parked near the mill, which is next to picnic island. Picnic island is closed. A few tables await someone to put out a spread.

   Sources close to the park had told me over the weekend the island was covered in water. Three picnic tables were lost as they floated downstream to the dam breast snapping, crackling and popping against the concrete pylons. 

On ESPN Radio, three Mikes have already reviewed the National Football League quarterback performances from Sunday. Mike Dittka has said it is time for one of them (Tony Romo?) to “step up or step back.” 

   The World’s Cleanest Grocery Store provides supplies of pet food and treats that may be had for a price on the way home.

   The cats are fed. They may bask in the sun next. The cereal bowl on the coffee table holds a stainless steel spoon. The bowl of the spoon holds the reflection of the the ceiling fan spinning on high speed.

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