Safmarine at 10:16

   Passing fancy cargo truck, ultramarine blue with the Safmarine scripted logo; the freight is heading northeast on the highway that traverses Broadcasting. Have seen five herons on the creek today. Three geese, two heron and the lone brown duck was the going motto until more heron and additional numberless things were noticed, such as the ascending and cascading fungi that seemed to form elegant steps in the side of a tree, a smooth and barkless trunk. Their placement had an extraordinary order and rhythm to it as if planned, just as a few fans of turkey lichens flared out to catch the eye, brown and white. The herons were three standing and two crouching: one a hundred yards downstream of the mill bridge, one standing in the mill race – a young bird with striated feathers in front, one on a fallen trunk that juts out over the creek below the cliff with the farm above it, and the crouching ones: one close to the red bridge and another having achieved separation from the other 4 by occupying territory near the old paper mill.

   In the parking lot before I set out, were found the halves of a blue iridescent flower barette. this and a compound leaf with five leaves made useful study material.


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