Bunnies for Sale; Got Jesus?

  Multiple For Sale signs on a  morose sober and somber day that is the color of a heron and emotionless as slate. Two feet 4 sprayed on a concrete construction barrier and a fluorescent pink 4 sale! on plywood to advertise a backhoe idle by the side of the road. Many signs and few signals on back country roads: “blanket chests 4 sale,” a W.C. Brumby quote, a spray-painted Ranger-type truck with the numeral 63 on the driver’s side door, and the message CAR DOLLIE FOR  RENT. Vernacular architectural wonders in Bethel and crocheted happy face pumpkin on a picket fence tied with orange and black yarn, if I may tell the tale. “If we value priveleges above principle we will lose both,” the quote reads on both sides coming and going.  Where are you right now, baby? A man in a mustard colored hoodie cranks and twists his frame to pull the rope to start a mower and it looks unreal. Three balloons are left tied to a street sign in a state between lofty and limp. Construction nearer the city has prompted a We Are Open sign and state sponsored Enter Here diamond shaped road signs to let business flourish during the interruption and upheaval of earth-moving, shaping and paving. Change is sure.


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