4Ply Rgh

   Bakery NS 8362 Radio ESPN Red Sox players playing video games  ESPN you have to do the work – commentators critique: they thought all you have to do is throw all that talent out there without continuing to do all the little things, the work

   Reporting average of 1.33 herons per mile on the way out, distributed as follows: one in each of the three miles plus a bonus heron at end of third mile, all birds active and alert in fishing modes, along the banks and on twiggy island at base of isolated tree.  The first heron was at picnic bend and had a very white head with black racing stripe across eye. The third heron was under the eaves of tree branches unless those are soffits. Rainy morning nice walk.

  Pathling is a lumber making sheet that became separated from its shipment and relocated itself under the overpass of Route 422 bypass. Urban hub, the city, roads as spokes and the beltways as the wheel how to reinvent? Hub-urban. The pathling, 4 Ply Rgh, becomes Pick of the Litter and its abbreviation is sexy.


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