Banks and Pollock, Pollock & Banks

   Sounds like a clothier or a jeweler, actually a great conversation with two writers at the Free Library of Philadephia last night.  The well heeled Banks and the reticent Pollock read selections from their  works.

   En route, learned about the MUI, the men’s underwear index as a measure of economic growth and health (an item which  ahem, tends not to be replaced when times are tough, so sales are slow in that area) . Also heard bit about 100 abandoned houses in Detroit and to my utter delight a brief mention that being optimistic cheerful an roosy all the time might indicate a problem with the frontal lobes.

     On the way home heard radio about spy satellite and night time voyeur photography that was very interesting and provocative. Who would you want outside your window taking a picture at night?

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