Curator’s Care

   Great care and a few pumpkins and mums went into making a beautiful Birdsboro Community Art Show, held Saturday through today. There was, a heron de[picted in a painting entitled Banks of the Schuylkill, exhibited in the basement room,  where the entire back wall is mirrored with a barre. The painting is by the artist Ruth Biles and was hung below a splendid watercolor and torn paper Hawk by Bob Ruhe.

   The show is professional and colorful and the few abstracts that caught my eye were by Donna Unger – Play the Field – and glass by Sandy Kaye. I also enjoyed the work of  Becky Stiles, Mike Hale and pastels by Puglisi.

   Near the inside door was a fine round mirror with polished copper, by Reggie Farmer and the gateway to the show contained works by Daniel Boone students, the forehead of a horse and a dog looking out of a window were especially poignant and interesting. The show is in its 19th year and well worth a visit.


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