Excellence in Motion

   Note if you will the first phrase –  lifted from an eight-wheeler: Excellence in Motion –  if you will allow me to please present the pathling of the day, which was moving east on Penn Avenue under the skilled direction of the truck driver, who remains anonymous.

   This is what I have come up with from walking this morning: an absence of herons, presence of fishing people, a red hawk feather, a puffy sticker with the Disney fairy in front of flora, a green sneaker temporary tattoo and three squares of paper with the temporary tattoos missing. One car parked in the lot had a South Carolina Palmetto and Crescent plate on the front.

   Written in the screenings, scrawled on the path were some letters that made no sense to me as I walked out and then became immediately clear upon my return:   

s c r e w   m  e   n

which was interesting, because with the Tinkerbell sticker it made for a bittersweet picture now that the bittersweet is on the trees and the frost is almost on the pumpkins which are scarce and expensive this year because of the overabundance of rain, but I digress.

   To the phrase Screw  Men is the reply

“fuck women”

and the third response:

understand people

underscore people

underwrite people. People.

On the way home RP-224 vanity plate. It is a beautiful day to be purring around the house. My neighbors who object to the perceived number of cats at my place, see but one cat with nine lives and several apparitions, engage in and perpetrate offensive behavior by noticing my things and looking in my windows.

   Writing at the Exeter Library which has no scanner to upload the drawing for today but has a nice assortment of smooth and assertive signs and reminders: such as “Exeter Library would highly appreciate keeping your food and beverages outside of the library area. ” A card with the library hours and closing time policy is placed on the right corner of the Think Centre. “Thank You.” wish you were here!

Links: http://atlantictrucking.com/pages/whychooseatc.aspx

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