Rain After Midnight

Rain After Midnight

    At 9:20 this morning a petite heron fishes at the mill race. Its shoulder and upper back looks like it has taken back a Victorian lady’s hat that was made from feathers taken from another heron long ago and put them back on where they belong, clean and fresh.

   Second heron fishing stalking pennant pose on two clumps of leaves in the creek that look like its shadow: a small clump below the head and a larger clump under its body & three more heron in points strung out along the upper stretch & across from the red sandstone structure that holds an outlet pipe area & across from a dirt foot path that shoots off the main trail & leads to the creek for fishing or drinking water, on l& that forms a flat lip below the trail.

   The forecast was for Rain After midnight & this held true. It is a day for water & blue. I have found a blue streamer, half a blue note & an L & M package. Hardly anyone is out & about. One portion of the trail is littered with sycamore leaves. Whereas most leaves have a tendency to fall flat & present as two-dimensional forms. these leaves have fallen as folded pieces of paper & stand with some parts upright, like small tombstones or cootie catchers or some kind of natural slalom flags to warrant attention.

   While I was driving to the park this morning a tractor trailer marked S & F,   with a bright red logo trucking flashed by along Route 422 heading north toward Allentown. All I caught was Sylvester. This makes it a good day for ampersands, helpful people & travel,& other things.


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