Cherokee Chickadee

  No herons this morning but a hero found in Cherokee logo, Pick of the Litter, a clothing tag that had no business being out on the trail but I accepted it anyway.

   Saturday was crouching tiger hidden heron or crouching heron and hidden feline. In the morning saw a heron crouched in a fishing position, tucked away under the cover of low hanging trees. In the afternoon saw a black cat upon a concrete road barrier that was one of many such items scattered at the edge of a field. The cat seemed to be focused on finding something or having found something in the grass. At least that is what I thought I saw. After making a loop to turn around, through the Broadcasting square basking ridge shopping center, I stopped and parked along the side of the road and the cat was gone, but not very far it was twenty feet from the street and ready to pounce on something in the tall and short grasses next to the cornfield. It is a cornfield from which the grain has been harvested and when I called Kitty the cat showed no response and when I approached the cat high-tailed it down the row of dirt next to the furrow of bent and broken stalks, like it was a little racehorse working along the rail at a racetrack. This behavior told me it was either a wild cat from birth or a cat turned loose so long ago it had become used to being on its own outside and of course I could be wrong, it might belong to one of the apartment or housing residents a quarter-mile away and was just out for an evening of wild mice.

   Some plump chickadees – I think – were in the shrubs along the creek and a dead bird, possibly a sparrow lay crushed along the edge of the path.


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