Escape Key

   How do you hit the escape key in your life? How often, why and when? Where do you go?

   While spending some of the morning in wake-up mode, the beauty of the view outside the window – red and copper trees with a simple clear blue sky, reminded me of many instances I have hit the escape key and gone away for a day or two in the autumn when everything changes. Many things change all the time, in front of us and we are not aware, not attuned and focused on other events. The fall season appears to make aspects of change more evident, it highlights them, although you may make this argument for all of the seasons, all of the time. But the leaves drop and the temperatures often correspond.

   Having a committment to work tonight, a day long escape was out of the question, so I plotted a few escape routes throughout the day. I got into completing the last few answers to a crossword puzzle that became easy under the influence of pino grigio and pasta last night. Some telephone calls that needed to be made were made.

     I managed to escape for a walk. For the occasion, th pattern of the walk, its time, its course, its duration were changed. During this walk I found no herons. I was passed by trio of bicyclists in professional looking sports wear and then a pair of cyclists who look pudgy and misshapen and the man out of proportion to the transportation.

   There is a healthy squirrel industry today, the critters climb, dig, nibble and scamper. Last week, I had seen one on a limb that bent over and above the path. It sat in the pose of a squirrelwhen its tail curls up along its spine. This made me think of the mohawk style hairdo and I wondered if squirrels had inspired the cut.

   Along the path I found a slip of white paper with black printing. It reads Key Tag on the reverse side. The top edge is torn along perforations. The front contains a line for customer name. The line is blank. Two more lines, for R.O. # and Lic# are not filled in. The numerals 0668 have been printed by machine straight across in the right margin. A staple mark pierces the paper at right angle to the writing. Why is this interesting? It is a mild daytime mystery.

   From the park I have come to the library. The library is nothing special and it is something special simultaneously. I have parked in parking slot number 9. I have found an INSPECTOR NR23 sticker on the sidewalk leading along the northern side of the building on the way to the front door. I have found a wad of green gum marked with a waffle impression. I have to wait for a computer because all 17 are in use and there is a waiting list of half a dozen people. The new books are enticing and alluring and accupy my idle time. I go to the music and video area to find something good for the time I spend in the car.

    When I hear a man say to a woman: “These are fiction. They might be true,” I feel I have to marvel at the comedic truth of being in this situation. I have to think I am in exactly the right place for the time.

   On the way here it occurred to me that an escape key is good for escaping but sometimes to escape into something is a true test of life’s keyboard instrument. When a person or a group makes decision, there is to decide for, to decide against nd to reserve the right to decide. Not to decide is to decide, for now. Similarly, I may escape, I may not escape and I may reserve the right to escape at any time. Not to escape is to escape, for now. That little key in the upper left corner of your keypad is a ticket to wealth and prosperity, like a genie that grants three wishes – with the warning to be careful what you wish for and be careful in your escape mechanisms.

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