o Ye of Little

   A purple or pink foam “u” has been found near the Heritage Center, if lost please don’t worry everything’s going to be all right.

   Three herons along the way today, one that flew above the Gring’s Mill bridge at 7:36 a.m. and two more that stood stock-still in the inner edge of the creek, first a pennant-pose heron near the picnic area, where the water level reached almost to its hocks at 7:55 in the morning.

    The other heron, seen fishing in front of the stone home near the 222 bypass overpass, was fringe and fine and its wings and body looked like moveable parts. The water ran about midway up its legs and the bird looked fresh and lively on the warm late November day, when the bittersweet has burst open to bare its red-orange inner fruit like a robin’s red breast and the yellow-orange outer parts have split open like wings as the fall takes off.

    Along the trail several natural objects have presented themselves: the seed part of the maple wings that remains when the thinner membrane gets abraded and eroded, forming a kind of triangular piece that resembles a flat candy kiss; a simple leaf with the tip folded back and some morsels having been eaten from it – it reminds me of an oval picture background; and a nice piece of sycamore bark that has been appropriated for today’s sudoku rebus puzzle drawing, such drawings few and far between with current work schedule. Several squirrels scurried and scrambled around in the brush and three small whitetail deer followed a dirt path to the creek and made their way along the water’s edge in the low lands that lead to the channel. One large cardinal and an attractive woodpecker alit on a fallen branch and a rotting trunk, respectively.

   In addition to the purple u, have found a blue bracelet shaped like a bat, and ran across – as if it were a finish line – a pink bracelet made with a word in raised printed form, a sight which made me feel sad for a minute, thinking someone had lost their FAITH, but to lose a bracelet and to lose one’s faith are two entirely different losses and separate pieces.


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