Duralift 41 and a Twizzler: Change will come

   Damp and moist is the day, with two wading birds along the Tulpehocken creek. The first bird can be seen from the road, about to make a stab at the water or something in the water, its bill like a fork or a spear. Sir Lancelot stands in the water bracken, a spot where the medium bones of trees and shrubs rack up along the shore.

   The path contains a few pathlings: a box top from a small Sun-Maid California raisin pack, a tear strip from Dex-4 and a 2 by three inch bit of plastic mesh. The woven mesh has compromised edges that have become fringes so it looks like a little rug except rugs are usually fringed on two opposing sides only, if they are fringed at all.

   On the fifth day of December, report finding a nice slab of sycamore bark which contains an irresistible keyhole or a shape like an advent calendar –  a door or window to open but it is already open and has no flap.

   The second heron wades near red bridge in pennant pose – its head and bill form a triangle like school or organizational banner.

    A couple of couples and several singles walk or jog the trail. Water stands in parts of the canal that allow for fullness. Mallards swim and dunk for food, alternating heads and tails up like pennies of prophecy. Two drakes and a male wood duck stir the surface.

    A wood pecker, one plump bluejay and a massive cardinal dress the denuded woods. Nests come to the foreground here and there – clumps and jumbles of leaves that form squirrel nests stagger the imagination and neat arrangements of twigs, assembled by birds, draw forth my admiration. 

   Before I set out to walk, the car was parked near the site of an overturned Twizzler licorice package, from which a single stick of red ribbed candy had been drawn, dropped, left behind and crushed. Five miles later, Township of Spring truck 41 sits idle on the trail near Gring’s Mill, with its Duralift power bucket in the resting position near a grouping of holiday lights.

   I felt that three foil wrappers were worth picking up along the way out.

    While at the library to post, receive a call from Met Ed to please pay the overdue electric bill at the studio, which has been done. 

   Change will come, it’s a lifetime guarantee reads the box top. I go  on my way.


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