, a morning walk!   Finally two upwards of forty Canada geese swam in the creek in twenty foot radius to the heron.eep. many below the farm that used to keep shng teritoyueron in the first mile, one presiding over a fish.

   The second heron stood along the north shore facing south, about ten feet below the path at water’s edge and the black and white markings on its head were sharp and distinct and blended well with its natural slate color, its feathery breast feathers and beard hung like icicles, although the temperature was more springlike than arctic. There were no other birds or geese around this heron, a quarter mile upstream from the sighting of the other, and it stood in the eastern daylight and at first it reminded me of a horse, its hair was fine as frog’s hair.

    Heron number three was smack in the middle of the creek fishing, in a noce supple strong pose about to strike, and then it struck a pennant pose but it did not stab at the water or anything in it it then cranes its neck around to its right and for a moment it is a tai chi manouver, the circling teacup all choreographed but it is just a fishing bird near the pipeline.

   On the path find a silky red string that is damp and when I am near the two men fishing in the tulpehocken creek in December 26, a Bernieres truck flies over the 422 bypass bridge that arches over the path and the waterway at this point.


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