Happy New Year’s Heron

   There is a heron in the meadow, several yards up and away from the creek, taking a sunbath. Its angle of repose is that of a sentinel, almond body, fish eye and fringy beard with tin snip bill and a relaxed necklessness. It stands on one leg and is unafraid of having me walk past.

   The tiny island that is jumble island, downstream of red bridge has now collected and amassed enough formerly floating junk, primarily in the form of treek trunks and limbs, that it looks like a ship. I see no heron in the water. A hawk zipped past my car when I arrived; in its talons was a fresh meal, limp rodent or small dark bird.

   Along the path is a nice looking fish shaped piece of sycamore bark and on the overpass a box truck with the Bimbo snacks logo and graphics flashes northward. This morning is sunny and pleasant – some shadows at the park barn declare sunny squares and wavy edges. Over night the strong winds carried away things that were not tied down and light enough to be transported. Greetings of the New Year 2012 to all. It is a good year for health.

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