Y Tuesday reads the sign at mall. Why


Friday the M in a motel sign was lit and on Monday the MO shone and little else.

At the men’s wear store, the EAR is removed and mostly you see WRHOUSE, like in Texas.

Let there be light and economy.


One thought on “Burn,tout

  1. Alison, similar experience. At the weekend, if the mood takes, I shop for faces, gestures, movement and interaction. I stopped to rest in a place you might call a mall though it is much, much smaller than those you have in America. Above a doorway to one of the outlets was a sign that read “Please come . . .everything red . . . don’t be a . . .” on three lines, interesting but not so much. What attracted me was the interaction of the tee shirt slogans with the impaired sign. The best few were “Life Guard”, “Little Madam” (3 year old tee shirt!), “Twat (my word) I only dress like this ‘cos I get up in the dark”…


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