Norfolk Southern, black horse, white horse where are Yin and Yang? walk this morning to the first cardinal past the nine marker and then discovered the first heron, standing in the creek at a spot along the near shore where the water reached halfway up its legs. It was active in a rococo position, ess curves and voluptuousness as it preened and picked its feathers in between remaining alert for fish.

   The path was full of cardinals at one bend near the mill bridge, first one brilliant male, two females of lesser light and a trillion more to liven up the monochromatic grey-brown branches and trunks of the winter forest.

   A heron in pennant position also fishes from below the old sheep farm. It stands in the water at a place near the base of the old and moldy steps set into the steep incline.

   A lost glove was hung in a prickly shrub.

   The words of the day are bill pay.

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