Tussock after tussock of stiff frozen grass along the road captures the rays of sun without thawing. The earth seems bare. The land is not altogether treeless, but the trees and shrubs are leafless, and this makes the landscape look barren while in winter repose and reminds me of the tundra.

    Walking today by Blue Marsh Lake and the Squirrel Run nature trail. No squirrels were in evidence. No herons are seen. The water near shaley shore is topped with thin ice. The soil retains water that has solidified into quartz-like crystal veins that break under foot and become something else altogether, whole growths of crunchy glassy jewels. 

   Recently saw a book of snowflake photographs published by Dover books, Bentley the author, that showed many six-sided figures of unique snow bits. It was fascinating and captivating as Blossfeld nature studies, only different.

   In the city, the two black and white kittens have been missing for many days; a new grey and white kitten has been slinking along side its mother, a black and white street smart and tough cat. Only the older grey kitten remains near the studio and needs taming.  All three came to eat on the back porch this afternoon.


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