Cloak and Dagger Type

   Two keyboard hearts ❤ ❤ are drawn into the fluffy ivory snow, toward the right end of the creek side bench near red bridge. The bench is a half-round tree trunk, planked a foot or so above the ground.

   The earth is enveloped and enshrouded with foggy mist, giving the morning a mysterious cloak and daguerreotype effect.

   From this moisture-rich white shroud a blue heron flies, taking off a few steps away from the seven marker. A rippling ring in the shallow water shows the spot from which it departed.

   A silvery Mazda Tribute wears a foot-and-a-half long bandage decal low on the rear passenger side door. The vehicle is parked in the seventh spot west of the intersection of Fifth and Franklin streets, outside the Main building of the Reading Public Library, from which the author of this blog now writes.


One thought on “Cloak and Dagger Type

  1. This morning I love everything, especially herons and key board hearts. It’s raining, so what the earth needed a bath.

    You know when you get good news on one thing it makes all the other disconnected things absolutely brilliant, well that’s me honey. Sizzling hot! Like the heron, today I will leave my mark.


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