i Wear

  Someone has removed the foil ovals from eyewear and joined them crosswise, so the silver shows on the front and back and you can catch partial glimpses of the gold that is on the reverse side. Pick of the Litter! They don’t mean anything, it was just a gesture, an action that created this that was discarded and in fine print also reads FOLD TO HERE. I am a lamb.

   There are no herons that I can see this morning, they wear their feathers elsewhere or they wear invisible suits or i’m just not seeing correctly. What I do see is a footprint, a pathling that comes in the shape of a large shoe or boot print left in the soft mud that froze overnight with water in it that froze into patterns of ice mullions that are beggin to be filled in with stained glass colors. The pattern is a deconstructed grid, reminiscent of Mondrian’s early sketches and abstractions of tree branches. The forms are hashmarks and triangles and parallelograms and rays and broken rays, like early Cubists produced.

   Had also found, near the balance beam, a metal coil ostensible remains of jewelry and a bit of sycamore bark. On the road again, pass and am passed by Yarde Metals truck with its steel lettering on the side of the flatbed: STEEL, ALUMINUM STAINLESS. each letter of each word cut out in capital letters, the truck is marked with the numerals 598 and the odometer on the Sleepymobile reads 121512, which has a nice balance to it. I am on my way to a memorial service. I wear mostly black.


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