Pipeline Heron

   One heron along the way. The rustling of a small bird or mammal in the brush holds it attention. Its head is angled toward the direction of the sound. Its eye looks big. Its beard feathers are fanned out and spiky. It stays calm, stays put, standing in the grass by the creek.

   Today have noticed two twigs in a complementary arrangement on the path, two frosted maple wings nestled together and a prime bit of bark with keyhole designs.

   After walking it is time to visit the World’s Cleanest Grocery store. A stray shopping cart in the Weis cart corral looks purple in the eastern sunlight. Inside the store I buy chicken to cook for the cats and an apple for my snack. A librarian is at the checkout lane number one.

   Having scoped out the offerings several days ago, next place I walk to is Barnes and Noble for the purchase of a Pantone journal (Chronicle Books). The cashier has a cough that is either acute or chronic. Next I go to orange Ulta for some decent shampoo to mend my locks.

    The stray shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot looks blue, its true color, when coming at it from another direction. In front of Ross store was a label stuck to the concrete that says: warning not safe for food items made in china.

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