Don’t Worry Be Happy

   In the lemony film of dust coating the brown steel rear doors of a United Parcel Service truck, someone has drawn an oval head with a grinning face, attached big ears and topped it off with spiky hair and the words Don’t Worry Be Happy. It is a real artist’s ship.

   Last night as I went out to work, the full round moon had risen over Mt. Penn to the east. It shone white through the hardware of the bare-naked birch tree at the corner of the garden and a robin had landed on one branch, first of the year. These three things, a bird, a birch and a moon, made a picture in the clear twilight with its diminishing blue background. Tonight the sky is chiaroscuro, with nice swaths and brushes of darkening clouds, feathery here and smeary there, where the unseen hand that extends from universal mind has been working at the drawing board. 

   Someone said recently to me they wanted to change their attitude, thinking they had a bad attitude. I said I found calm acceptance and attaching to no particular outcome can sometimes help bring a negative mind set back to reality.

   Whatever you do, don’t be UPSet. A United Parcel Service would be something entirely different if it were the Untied Parcel Service.

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