Water Truck

  Three people or groups of interest seen on the street yesterday, in addition to a water truck:

  1.  A car driven by the Travelling Piano teacher with the logo of  three frogs hop dot com.
  2. A tall slim man walking the wrong way up (east as it happens) a one-way street, carrying a  large styrofoam container of food, with the lid flipped open. He forks food into his mouth while striding not on the sidewalk but in one of the traffic lanes.
  3. Two young brunettes, with broad smiles and gleeful grins, dressed in tees and shorts, working in front of Hooters, twirling lime green hula hoops around their waist and hips.

  This morning became a follower of a car with a SLEEP vanity tag.

    Items of overnight stowing interest:

  1. a book on vanishing New York storefronts
  2. a book of poems called ADDRESS – the cover very interesting
  3. Masada peppermint sea salts for soaking.

  today: Painterly clouds, nice breezes, gentle temperatures and sunny sun sun. Lying on the couch, letting thoughts drift. All that is is the cat’s hip (Simon). The smell of cherry bath soak for my aching foot surrounds coffee table. The sound of a mournful dog at the nearby veterinarian’s can be heard. The soft white pines fan open and closed in sun and air.

   A black SUV moves in reverse as the driver pulls away from a slot in the office parking lot. after a turn to the right, the vehicle goes forward.

  “It must be about five o’clock,” I think. The clock tower bells ring and the chimes add one by one to four plus one. I have spent most of the day sleeping. No herons to report.

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