Journey 2

   Aud 3. Vanity tag Maryland: SERVOUS. Three in three locations is louder. Items of stowing interest Guatemalan Worry or Trouble dolls packs of four with pouch, their faces, individually and hand sewn all distinct and different as if real people. Produced in assembly line but not mass-produced to point character is taken out. Stet. Stat. Pick of the Litter is ticket for theatre: Journey 2. Also a petite (under heading of items of stowing interest) booklet of paper: Emotional Mastery. Have today slept, showered, coffee’d, cleaned, straightened, painted, sorted, shone. On ten-dollar bill ING, on five the stamp now or MON. and on a one dollar bill the sequence of numbers: 1-13- 17-21-35-43 and on another 850. Making lot of 32 artist cards. No herons to report. Journeous. Servous with two smiles. I’m serious! Et tu?


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