4 ever

  Fresh grey screenings have been placed on the path. Last evening, the edges  were a slate blue grey. The combination is similar in hue to heron plumage. 

   At the 4 marker a pair of initials may be seen, having been crudely scratched above the carved numeral 4, a number which identifies the post and an area of natural interest. Below the hefty permanent 4, rough markings formed the word: ever.  They have a thin, unsubstantial look of transience. It is possible they are still there today.

  The level of the creek, having been kept low, shows clear water flow. The bottom is visible in most spots, revealing rocks and plant life.

   One heron to report, an early bird, having flown over the house at 7:30 this morning, heading east-south-east. We do not live yet we live 4 ever.


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