That’s What She Said and a Flower Walk

Bumper sticker pathling: That’s What She Said. Cute cat figure on train – part of graffiti. Low Tulpehocken creek level again, and zero herons. The area hosted a symphony of spring peepers frogs making music and boasted two toads on the trail and a pair of wood ducks hanging around a triangular rock in the middle of the creek. Garlic mustard plants are taking over the wildflower spots. Other flowers blooming are the striped violet, creamy white with faint black stripe, the bluebells and spring beauty, dainty peppermint striped flower.

Sunday afternoon walked with a group led by Dr. Susan Munch, who with a plant tome in hand and a large dose of enthusiasm. introduced us to leatherwood and jet bead shrubs and pointed out shy trilliums, tiny puffy dwarf ginseng and delicate rue anemone, among many others at Angelica Park. One person in the group was able to report on the scant rainfall this year and another revealed she has a recipe for garlic mustard  pesto without revealing the actual recipe. A few defectors from the pack of antendees said they had places to go or found the pace too slow for them, but I found Dr. Munch to be knowledgable – how fast can you go and stop and spot the wildflowers? – and learned to identify a few new plants, including black cohosh. The loop up and down the mountainside is unlike any other in the county. Near the end. we were warned of the imminent arrival of mountain bikers about to finish a course. A strange woman stood by the path as we admired a luna moth resting near the base of an antique spruce tree. She advised us to move out of the way – fifteen bikers were coming down, that’s what she said.


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