Cinco de Mayo de Cinco

  Because it is a 5 year. today is triple fives: Cinco de Mayo, Derby Day and Weis – the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store – 100 anniversary celebration.

   For Cinco de Mayo have lined up for a free T-shirt at Moe’s. and made some video of the event, which included cheering and a countdown at 11;)00 am by eight high school lads who were the first to arrive and were there by ten. A fellow who was about 30th in line wore a red shirt with the slogan KKeep calm eat more bananas. Come to think of it, the librarian was eating a banana this morning at 9:00 when I stopped in.

   A scan of the Derby Day card has me liking Gemologist and Burgomeister as the top two picks and the chestnut horse – I like all of them and I don;t bet. Good horseflesh!

   Went through more rounds of bill paying and cat feeding and errands and studio work and garden planning and am so glad that Jack White is back in full force on Blunderbuss. He’s a favorite.

   Weis treated guests to birthday cake ice cream and birthday cake and the server of these delicasies pointed out to me the great deals today only on select items throughout the store and would I like a flyer? Asparagus at $1 a a per  pound ah yes and green beans reduced to pennies an ounce.

  Two cans of kitty food for the diatribe and a new sketchbook at Michaels. Enjoy the great outdoors and happy 5/5/5 to all. Mucho

Feliz et amor tambien por los todos!

Hi Unc!




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