Blessing of the Seeds

  took place this past Sunday at 6:15 a.m. according to a sign. Three herons fly over the area as I walk from work to my car at 6:17 this morning, a considerable blessing on the day. A shed with four colors: a dark red half of the tin roof and a light red; grey wood siding on one half and white on the other. I brake for coffee. At the grocery store parking lot spot a lost list containing the words “pecans onion stk kleenex.” Read a reference from China to eating crane meat – a culture that reveres the bird as a symbol of longevity nevertheless allows for eating it. Why do we eat chicken?

   Anticipating the Master Gardeners’ plant sale this weekend. In the afternoon rain see the silly sight of a red Toyota with giant eyelashed. All creatures great and small…seeds to all grow tall.


One thought on “Blessing of the Seeds

  1. Chinese, it seems, forever, pragmatically speaking, the master race.

    The crane is a symbol of many things. Paper houses only really make sense to Chinese people. It’s an arrangement they have with dragon mountains and leaping monkeys.


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