Air Heron

   Relief in sight: heron flying above interstate 84 near exit 12 and Beacon, New York at 9:20 this morning. It seemed to be heading northeast; my travel was west.

   Earlier today before 5:30 am watched a deer leap over guard rail spearating woods from six lanes of road near Acton Massachusetts. Vehicular travel was light at the time, and building steadily as the sunrise. This vision lingered with me all day although I tried to chake it – my concern for the animal’s welfare and the mirror of my own mortality. The deer also may know no fear and know that the world is a safe place. Fatal leaps, leaps of faith, and instinctual moves. 

   Somewhere along the way a radio band brought the death poll, a repugnant portion of programming. A truck lost a web belt ontothe road, a truck with eyelashes of equipment on the back of the cab’s exterior.

   I just hope that deer is OK because I see too many deer bodies strewn on the roads. The heron was free.

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