Tricolor Car

Traffic pathling: a medium sized sedan with a white replacement driver’s side door, a hunter green left front body and the remainder and bulk of the car metallic neutral beige. Metal, wood and water.

The main desk at the Reading library has wrest a spectacular book from my clutches because the renewal due date has come around for  Above The Earth: 365 days, a small heavy book of photographs and writing. One day I ventured beyond my normal Dewey decimal system comfort zone into the science area and this was one of the pleasant results of a physical search. The photographs of Yann Artus-Bertrand cover the globe and encompass the activities of mankind in commerce, agriculture and industry and display some of the intracies, beauties and oddities of nature and geography. Some photographs feature architecture, one: garbage and another, a man on cotton bales. I found myself attracted to the green patches of fields and farms, the blue waters and the earthy patterns of dates, dyes and carpets.  Wildlife is included. An island of Japan is shaped like a fish. This is how we move through space.


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