Sunshine and Sexy

  Someone had defaced the bark of a beech tree with the love pairing of Sunshine and Sexy. I was on  my way up to the Reading Hospital Garden Party on Wednesday evening, choosing a route through the pattern garden.

  A teenager got out of a car to take a young girl, possibly a sister or a neighbor, to the event, which included rides, prize contests, books, plants and food but may not have been limited to those things. There was, for example a table of jewelry and a tent with rummage sale goods. Absent were some of the features of yesteryear, the party having evolved over the years – no car show, no pony rides and no carnival rides, such as a ferris wheel. The loss of these seems sad, as the hospital building have gobbled yup the ground previously available for such activites, and the legal ramifications of riskier rides have insured their demise.

   The participants seemed to be enjoying all of it in its abbreviated state, the food court was popular and many families sat at the tables and chairs to enjoy the music of The Pretzel City singers and later, Cornerstone, an outstanding quartet in salmon-peach suits.  The entertainment was understated; in retrospect it seems to have been the diamond of the day.

  I saddled myself with two bags of paperbacks and hardbound books from the book area and bought some thyme.

   On my way back to the car, I sat on a bench at the pattern garden to admire the lupines and to experience the overall pleasure the garden gives and read the first chapter of  A Play and its Parts.


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