Charge All Night

  “Charge all night every night and at every opportunity,” so read the sign on the grocery store motorized shopping cart for the ease and convenience of less ambulatory customers. This is a reminder how helpful it is to constantly revitalize and be poised for action. I want to be ready for use when called upon.

   Drew everything in sight today and spotted the name Heron contained in the Brief History of Southern Comfort on a cardboard box, after bringing home a couple of liquor boxes to help sort and move things out. A New Orleans bartender made the recipe of whiskey and fruit, the taste lingered, his popularity soared and his initials are tight on the rip of my tongue.

   Sounding the alarm that Mr. Tuxie is still missing. This is cause for concern. I think he may be intoxicated with the outside world. Still , I will feel much more comfortable when he returns home.

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