The One Thing you Must never forget before you die

is a mnemonic device. There are two sides to every story tango. How many beds does Goldilocks have to make? Three or more? Four scores to settle, according to Abe. Five and dimes are deemed unnecessary due to valuation of the dollar. Six packs have reached the peak of their performance. There are seven stages to a man’s life and seven seas and seven wonders and seven ancient wonders and seven habits and seven places to stick the seven habits and eight is enough. There are nine symphonies you simply must write before you die, and 100 places to visit before you kick the bucket list all to hell and only ten bolero¬†to wear when you find fifty ways to leave your lover. Just remember, love! One Heron, yesterday’s 6:54 news. Today is another day, just remember for future reference the one thing you must never forget before you

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