Wild at Heart

“The Eureka! is there is no Eureka,” says an expert on cognitive workings.

This morning, when it was time to make the bed, the disarray of the sheets and the need for freshness compelled the immediate removal of the non-matching bedclothes. During this process a momentary impulse said “Go to Target and use your charge card and get some new sheets that match for heaven’s sake.” A sane inner voice said, “Don’t be a fool – isn’t there a set of matching gold Jacquard sheets, that are more toward flannel than cooler all-cotton – in the closet somewhere? Use them. Use what you have.”

So the bed was quickly remade at no extra cost, save for an expenditure of 10 minutes, the reward of which was a feeling of satisfaction for having found a tidy solution to a small problem. There are Eureka moments that often come in small steps, stages or packages. If one is patient and calm and quiet one is more likely to find the answer.

Over the weekend the writer of this blog saw the new Oliver Stone film “Savages” which will keep a person in suspense for hours and interested in the alternating current of beautiful/ugly in one of the strongest Boys Meet Girl, Boys Lose Girl movies ever made.

This morning, the topic of the Sudoku drawing is Wild at Heart. It is a creative day and tiger stripes, zebra stripes came to mind and silver has been employed.

The most important task of the day is to place a Craigslist ad for the missing Tuxie, whose brother Billy searches and cries for daily.

At the library the librarian is in the process of helping people at the desk locate things, like keys and notes. Her talent is not in the missing animal department.

“I’m only good at finding inanimate objects,” says the librarian, finding a computer for the use of the cat owner responsible for losing her cat.

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