Royal Plush

   One morning earlier this week as the Sleepymobile motored home from taking its owner to work, it passed a patch of color on a bridge. which turned out to be a scattering and a smattering of plush animals. As much as you can see,going upwards of fifty miles per hour, at least one of them was a blue and white polka dotted rabbit. Whether the others were rabbits is unclear. The other colors were pastels: yellow, pink and blue. The toys were mostly up against the edge. They were all fuzzy, or so it seemed.

   No heron to report and the Pagoda in Reading continues to glow red at night. Last night – early this morning, when a small section of the power grid was powered off due to extreme lightning last evening, a heavenly body streamed through the air with a zip of flames behind it. Where Tuxie?


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