Tents for Rent

   A box truck advertising Tents for Rent passes in front of the coffee shop. Today is slow to begin. ESPN reports on the tension of Tiger Woods.

   Today is a four day and good for wealth, purple and prosperity. One room in the house receives the benefit of vacuuming, which smells nice with the lavender buds that have spilled from a sachet pillow all over the floor. There is time for sketchbook activity and the writing of notes. At the pool, swim 4 x 13 laps. Water IS cool! Have a painting to repair, so prepare a project slip for it and hunt for fine, old linen canvas in the attic, which has Billy interested. The attic is his daytime hangout. He gets in what is called the woodpile, next to an assortment of vacant frames and used stretched canvases, some with other cats’ work on them. After lunch it is time to leave the house.

   Citizen Cope plays on the car radio – Something to Believe In upon arrival at the YMCA. After swim, see three numbered cars during a spin around three sides of a block to reach a traffic light to place the Sleepymobile on a westerly course: a truck with 77 to begin the series, a municipal car with 27 along Seventh street and a similar government vehicle around the corner on Washington with 31.

   Travelling near Second street, a man in black on a bicycle rides east up the portion of Washington that is two-way street. He has pink medical wrap around his right arm, a double circle above and below the elbow. Is the rider a man?

   At studio no kittens are about, no cats, either. The part of the tomato vine that is climbing the fence has two new tomato fruits; the ground section of the vine presents a few yellow flowers. In volume 13 of an encyclopedia series, make note that Pocohantas means “playful one.”

   Stop at post office. A car with See ya Fry-day painted on the rear passenger side passes on Penn Avenue. Near the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store the display of vanity on a license plate FOX MDOW. A developing interest in stock exchange.

 Make purchase of purple things, grapes and a medium kitty litter box to bring the number of boxes into line. All is Welch’s.



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