Super Heavy

  Today is topsy-turvy a super light news day for some, but not the person with the overturned vehicle at 6 a.m.

   On the road again – the truck in front of the Sleepymobile bears a bordered triangular seal with the words Super Heavy centered on two lines within the central yellow area. Along the road are two ancient cars with wheels, the tires long rotted or missing. Quick Quick says the window writing on one; Hurry Hurry shouts the writing on the other. They sit in front of some type of dealership.

   A dwarf drooping tree grows in someone’s front yard. The tree branches drape about three feet above the yard. the crown of the tree is somewhat undulating in form. The ground around the trunk has been culitvated and planted so that alternating red and white begonias dot the circumference of the umbral circle. It makes a fine picture, a composition of heaven and earth, reflective, matching, neat and complete.

   Yesterday at remote location find a heron illustration on the dust jacket of a condensed encyclopedia for family use.

Today in parking lot  find two white take-away spice packets. The black printing on the first one says Pepper Pepper and the second one reads: Pepper Pepper.  They have neither tires nor wheels and are super light.


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