At Long Last

    What a blessing it is to be free to walk this morning for first time in ages and able to write after too long an absence. Events of the morning: Encounter with person who was looking for possibly lost spirit bracelet. Coffee. Conversation with person who dressed in the dark and put on top for work inside out. Blouse is outside out now, with display of paint on it.

   Make drawing of image in passenger side rear view mirror on coffee cup left notebook at studio yesterday Agh!! Draw sudoku feng shui map for the day also on Green Mountain coffee cup. A revealation! Today is an earthly day. Find tag for car-in-repair-shop says GREEgNreen something or other. Do not pick it up. Walk on balance bean while observing the many squirrels out foraging for walnuts on this first cool fall morning. Leaving all typos in tfday for reference. At 832 heron flew high high over and away from Gring’s Mill bridge. Man fishing – small fry only – at least plenty of water in creek. One rotten catalpa has split and broken over like giant toothpick. Tulip tree leaf color of persimmon so-o-o-o pretty. Pair of pin oak leave in counterbalance with the stm of a locust leaf. Locust leaves looked really cool on hood of dark blue sports car last night in rainy remnant of night. Note bark of young shagbark hickory growing shaggier (this is not news this is dog bites man.) Find wire mesh of type suet containers are often constructed. Small, not usual, diving bird in the creek. Must research. Pick up car tag before leaving park. Start car, shift into reverse transition into forward gear and on the way along Tulpehocken can see at 9:37 a crane in the form of a heron craning its neck to look for


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