OK Go Head!

   Followers of this blog may have found little to follow for the past year or so, leaving a person free to go their own way. Please accept the apologies of the writer, who has been engaged with work and occupied with housekeeping tasks which left precious little time and few glimmers of devoted online access. There is no excuse, just a temporary shifting of priorities.

   Everyone faces the task and the adventure of finding their own way in the world, encountering choppy seas, ordered courses and formic acid. The diurnal task of writing, which has been shifted away for so long while under a nocturnal way of life, continues even as a journal of the absurd.   

 The most recent heron seen was a blue Crane logo for a commercial grade plumbing fixture. This morning’s walk to the  four-post over an inch of snow is only a memory that preceded a nine-thirty veterinarian appointment for Simon.

   Last night the wind carried snow off the rooftops and it was like spray from a wave,  sand in the desert, dust from a bowl of clay. We too grow and go from the earth and the air.

Don’t be such a stranger!


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