Add Hock

  Two opportunities for music appreciation came along this past weekend. the Wittchen Initiave brought to us by he arts committee of Atonement Lutheran church, Wyomissing, and a benefit concert for the Reading High School Red knights Music Association held at the Miller Center in Reading,

  Two harps, one modern in appearance and one traditionally scrolled are played by a mother and daughter. Add a female vocalist (daughter and sister to the harpists) performing their own compositions and numbers from stage musicals and contemporary rock. A fourth player is a man named Dan, who wields seven instruments as they are called for, from tuba to toy piano.

   Alex Wittchen’s vocals were at their best in the Radio Head work:  Exit Music to the film Romeo and Juliet.

    “It’s a little creepy,” said Ms. Wittchen. “but we like it.”

   Sunday afternoon, the teachers and music educators from the Reading School district presented a twenty-number program of jazz, song, and a wee bit of dance. The Irish music was hoot-hollering good; Caravan worth travelling to hear, and the marimba music Virginia Tate haunts us. The objective of the effort is to raise $2,000 to provide for four equal scholarships for Reading high school students intending to study music. The prospective recipients must submit an essay. How could a person miss this? It made me laugh, made me cry and transported me beyond the narrow corridors of self.

   Saturday night after leaving Atonement Lutheran church, a restaurant’s exterior sign proclaimed a special : H        OCK .  That the add should be missing to produce this effect amused us. On Sunday the board had been wiped clean, and  new special  was proclaimed. Three good catches!


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