Dotted Pines

   How very nice to be able to walk along the Tulpehocken creek today! In the waning days of winter, horizontal blades of snow linger at the north-side roots of a few of the trees in select areas. A pair of pines have their bark marked with yellow spray paint dots, slated for removal as the park culls the forest of dead, diseased or decaying trees.

   Quietness reigns in the woods – a few bird chirps here and there and one or two creaking upper limbs provide sound.

   In the creek, a rock has snagged a sycamore branch and it looks like a trophy animal, the prongs of the branch are the antlers and the rock is the head of a deer, or an elk with four points. The water’s surface comparable to a wall.

  A found piece of cardboard makes an improvised sketch pad, for the pathlings, items of interest and a couple of notes.

    Red bridge is under repair. about half of the cedar shake roof  and its wood base is replaced. One of the construction vehicles reads Dave’s. When they are done you could say Dave’s saved the bridge.

   A groundhog lumbers out of its burrow, leaving the hole  to explore the leafless undergrowth. Pussy willows are beginning to show themselves. The creek is fairly full and at this early afternoon hour, the writer departs without having seen a heron. While observing the trees and the water the life and the death, a few bands of cherry tree bark having peeled back into a fascinating pattern, thoughts of Marcus Aurelius return: From book nine: The substance of all of us is doomed to decay; the moisture and the clay…”

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