Banana Day

April 11 is Banana Day. The reason it is banana day is the supermarket checkout code for bananas is 4011. On this year’s banana day, the following incidents may be reported:
The driver of a red sports car turning left onto Meridian boulevard from Paper Mill road bites the top of a banana – the brilliant yellow skin of which is peeled down half way, with the driver’s side window rolled all the way down.
A man wearing a white shirt and black trousers carries a bunch of bananas from the World’s Cleanest Grocery store. The fruit is exposed, that is, it is being carried in plein aire and the skins are green to yellow.
The writer of THe Heron Report purchases, among other things, one ripe banana with yeloow skin and just a touch of brown spots.
Upon leaving the store and driving onto Meridan boulevard, a cast-away banana skin bakes on the street. It is in a location that is before the point the abovementioned driver of the red sports car was seen eating a banana, leaving open the question: Of what day was the banana skin a remnant?
The writer of the Heron Report ingests the banana as a snack while on work break.


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