In attempting to trap a missing cat in a famous name brand of large animal trap, several days went by without result ant then the result was the capture of an upside-down cat, a female calico struggling to get out and using the top of the cage like monkey bars. She shows surprise and wariness without meanness. The trap has left a mental impression upon her yet true to its name, she seems to be physically unharmed.
Thetrap has been reset. The fruit of Saturday nights labor was nothing in the trap and wet sneakers from the walk to retrieve the trap and bring it back empty, except for the nice white albacore tuna that was left untouched.
On Sunday went to church. One of the lessons was about catching fish and a group of fisherman, who had caught nothing that day were guided by someone else, who recommended – if not commanded – they cast their nets to the right side of the boat. Sunday night set the trap on the other side of the targeted area. The meal on the plate inside the trap was moist kibble, a smoked oyster and a lovely piece of tasty fresh trout. When the writer of this report, who is one and the same as the owner of the missing cat, visited the site of the trap this morning, she could see through the wire mesh that no animal was inside. Upon closer examination from a reduced distance, she could also see that the spring on the trap door had not been sprung. Wait a minute though! What’s this? Most of the food is gone.
That cat has got the owner. This is encouraging.


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