Kitch Enopen

Just to let you know, Tuxie is back home, safe and sound after nearly ten months absence. His return required the cultivation of patience, the exercise of sound judgement and several spells of information gathering. The happiness of reunion was also made possible through the use of feng shui, a rented Havahart trap and the power of prayer. We set a place at the table for him many a night, and saved the leftovers in the freezer.
Thus far he has little to say about his adventures in the great outdoors. Where did you go? Out. What did you do? Nothing. He is content to curl up on the couch with his cat-mom. He has grown stronger and a shade more sinew shows in his structure. He is still the shy, sweet and quiet boy. He kept his slim physique while increasing the texture of his fine coat. His ears swivel 180 degrees and he might be asked these questions:
How many birds did you catch? Can you describe the taste of chipmunk? How does it feel to sleep on a stone wall in the sunshine? Where did you goto find shelter from the rain and snow storms? Did you miss us? Why didn’t you write?


3 thoughts on “Kitch Enopen

  1. Hurray Hurray Hurray!!! I’m so happy for you and Tuxie. What a wonderful reunion. You never gave up on him and now he is home, right where he belongs. How purrfect!.

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