Poppy Seeds

  Two things – ideas have been lingering and festering on the brain of this blog’s author lately, for some time, really.

   Two poppy seeds were stuck in her teeth this afternoon after finishing the last bit of a bagel begun for breakfast. The person who writes these words has been taken with the idea of the Mandelbrot set in that any pinprick of the mind can open up a mushrooming, blooming realm of related ideas.

   Other poppy seeds were stuck in my teeth this morning, before I had a chance to brush them. The other thing that I find fascinating is the geometrical concept of the gnomon and how that applies to life.

   If you consider what are fractals – echoes, if you will of larger set, or smaller representations of the larger set and then step outside that frame of reference –  the gnomon – a residual likeness of a parallelogram is both flat yet completely lifelike.

  We never know the outer dimension of our lives until they are closed, ended. As in the Pareto Principal, where (perhaps paraphrasing badly) a minority of causes, factors, groups may be observed to account for a majority of effects, results, actions, the residual portion of the parallelogram is both the time we have spent or lived or the time we may expect to form the future and vice-versa.

   That’s all. Sometimes you just want to make a feeble attempt to say what’s been occupying your thoughts.  When I can, illustrations may be provided. Theater of the mind. Radio develops the imagination.


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