Amazon Tour Time

Sunday, our ABE2 Amazon warehouse site held open house and activities for friends and family members. It was a fine time to reunite with Betsy Kulamer and Charlotte McNaughton, best friends of this blog writer, from our days at the University of VIrginia. Charlotte and Betsy came all the way from the nation’s capital to tour this workplace! We were joined by my brother, Bill, Huyett, visiting from Massachusetts and Ted and Carol Whitby of New Holland, who were kind enough to drive to Breinigsville! Our facility celebrated a five year birthday.
During the walking tour, we stopped designated area. Four of our best managers related what happens at each point in the fulfillment process, such as the stow and pick mods, the ship dock, sort and pack, and receiving. More than one bit of information was new to the person who writes these words. The most visual or material of these is what the smallest and largest boxes we use for shipping look like. (The smallest one is not what usually arrives at this writer’s doorstep.)
When another contingency of Huyetts arrived: nephew Phil and his wife, Megan, niece Susan – who goes to NYU – and second cousin Dan Huyett from Reading area, there was time for a second tour. Phil and Megan brought along a friend and coworker ENT specialist Nick Rowan. The three of them were heading back to Pittsburgh, where they live and work.
After the tour, we were blessed with food and refreshment. A freshly grilled cheeseburger tasted mighty good! July is national hot dog month, and these, too were on the grill and on the menu. Balloons gave the lunch room a festive look! It was a great day to see the families and children of fellow associates enjoying the chance to see where their family members work. During “peak”our families barely know us!


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